Sponsors and Donations

The wwPDB Foundation is grateful for the efforts of our individual and industrial sponsors.
To support the wwPDB Foundation in 2019, please contact Christine Zardecki or donate via PayPal:


2019 Industrial Sponsors





2019 Individual Donors

  • Perdita Barran
  • Evan Billings
  • Sarah Elizabeth Bowman
  • Roberto Diaz
  • Sylvie Doublie
  • John Helliwell
  • Sandra Howard
  • Noriko Inoguchi
  • Miranda Lynch
  • Anthony Nicholls
  • Jane and David Richardson
  • Michael Thompson
  • Diana Tomchick
  • Tyler Vance
  • Christine Zardecki


Individual donations ($10 or more) are recognized with a special gift of a hemoglobin lapel pin.